The IRM software includes post processing and system fault explorer tools that can be used to analyze the results of thousands of runs. Users can quickly determine high probability events, find common failure modes, identify representative scenarios, and develop vulnerable area plots.
Integrated Recoverability Model™ (IRM)


Multiple Scenario Analysis

The IRM Simulator allows batch processing of thousands of scenarios using damage specification files (initial damage) and ship system initial conditions (systems alignments).  Design studies can be conducted using compartment or design zone damage patterns or weapon specific battle damage predictions imported from vulnerability models or finite element shock analysis tools.  Initial conditions can be developed to include different crew manning assumptions, various configurations of on-line components and alignments of valves and breakers.


Statistical analysis tools provide the ability to quickly mine thousands of data files to determine high probability events, identify common failure modes, perform sensitivity analysis, and identify representative scenarios for recurring issues, and plot vulnerable areas.