The Integrated Recoverability Model (IRM) is a network connectivity time based simulation used to evaluate the complex interaction of systems and identify survivability (vulnerability and recoverability) design issues. 

Integrated Recoverability Model™ (IRM)


IRM Overview

The IRM software suite includes graphical database editing tools, IRM Simulator, Fire Module1, Flooding Module2, Agent Module, Output Visualization, and Statistical Analysis tools.

The IRM was initially developed to provide the DDG 1000 and Cruiser Modernization Programs a means to evaluate systems vulnerability over time, considering the effects of secondary damage (fire, smoke, and flooding), system interaction, and damage control and recovery efforts.  The development of IRM was influenced by lessons learned from the DDG 51 Class Total Ship Survivability Trials (TSST), Automated Common Diagrams (ACD), and the Ship Survivability Design Improvement (SSDI) studies.


The network connectivity aspect of the simulation allows IRM to analyze the impact of different system alignments and component characteristics to determine their impact on vulnerability and recoverability.  The levels of detail to be included in the IRM ship description database will generally correspond to the design phase of the ship.  The IRM uses a database which can be manipulated by graphical database editing tools.  Basic database information such as structure and equipment locations can be imported from electronic tables or CAD files.  Representations of structure and equipment can also be generated and manipulated from scratch using drag and drop type functionality with easy access to function and attribute tables.  Connectivity and system interaction is established by routing cables, pipes, and ductwork between components and assigning resource supply and consumer relationships.  Libraries of common components can be used to quickly generate systems with realistic interactive behaviors. 

1 The IRM Fire Module is the Fire and Smoke Simulation (FSSIM) developed by Hughes Associates, Inc.

2 The IRM Flooding Module is the Flooding Model Advanced Stability Algorithms (FLMASA) program developed by NSWCCD Code 244 and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC).